medical marijuana in Florida is finally approved.

Episode 30: Medical Marijuana in Florida, Pro Wrestling 2.0

Holy Smokes–Medical Marijuana in Florida Now that voters have approved the use of medical marijuana in Florida, what is the next step? We bring you coverage of United for Care’s Facebook Live press conference, which provides several helpful answers and resources for those looking to become covered under this new law.   There’s No Place […]

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Episode #29–6 YouTube Channels for Strength/Size

Are you lookin’ to GET SWOLE?!? Check out our recommendations for YouTube channels designed to build thick muscle and beastly strength. Channels covered: Kali Muscle CT Fletcher Colossus Fitness Matt Wichlinski/The Strength Shop The Buff Dudes Nick Longo The Barbell Brigade   PLUS… In this week’s Healthy Movement Minute segment, Shawn teaches us how to […]

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Episode #25–Conversation w/Dr. Lyneil Mitchell, DPT

We are extremely  pleased to welcome one of the nation’s most well-respected physical therapists, Dr. Lyneil Mitchell on this 25th (and 26th!) episode of The Healthy Movement Podcast. Appearing via the Healthy Movement Hotline, Dr. Mitchell unloads almost  2 hours of incredible audio information on topics like: What it is like to work with top […]

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Ep.#22–The Shawn-Shank Redemption: Recovery from Opiate Addiction

You may heard stories from friends or on the news about the rampant opiate addiction crisis facing our country today. Almost everyone knows someone who has been personally affected. I both battled active addiction and continue to fight against the pitfalls which can again lead into that lifestyle. This episode is a small look inside […]

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