Episode #27–Planning for the Journey to Your Goals!


On this episode,  licensed mental health counselor Heather Rashal from the Center for the Healing Arts gives us some great tips for dealing with the range of feelings and emotions that will inevitably come up when we’re working towards a particular goal.

Some of the topics we touch on are:

  1.  Effective goal formulation and setting.
  2.  How to watch for and overcome self-sabotage.
  3.  Rewarding ourselves when meeting a goal or checkpoint.

Visit Heather online at The Center for The Healing Arts 

Visit to Chamberlin’s Flagship Store


Located in the Herndon Village Shoppes, Chamberlin’s new flagship store is an wonderfully refreshing shopping experience.

We also are treated to a VIP tour of the new Chamberlin’s Natural Foods Market “flagship” store. From a generous selection of gluten-free craft brews to an inordinate amount of paleo (and other specialty diet foods), this new store has everything one could ask for!

Manager Rhonda Rambo guides us through the dizzying (yet, very open) array of fully-stocked supplement shelves and locally sourced produce–dishing on exactly what makes this such a great place to visit: the employees! (ok…that and the fact that one can purchase our favorite frozen treat, Sweet City Gelato, there). 

Chamberlain's has a well-stocked selection of gluten-free and sulfite-free beer and wine.

Chamberlain’s has a well-stocked selection of gluten-free and sulfite-free beer and wine.

(We’re working on a feature article detailing in full our awesome excursion…stay tuned)!

***Don’t Miss Chamberlin’s Grand Opening Nov. 12th!!!***
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