Episode 36: Making Everyday a “W1N” w/David Rubin

Coach David Rubin



Episode 36: Youth Sports and Heroes w/Coach David Rubin

In this episode, I get the honor to sit down with David Rubin, a guy who is so passionate about everything he’s involved in, from youth sports to honoring our police and firefighters.

Coach Rubin talks to us about:

1.) How to develop youth players using fun techniques to keep them engaged and progressing.

2.) What he believes in the number one problem in youth sports today.

3.) The work he does with bringing baseball to special needs and under-privileged youth in the Central Florida area.

4.) His amazing charity, Heroes Strong, that puts an emphasis on saying “thank you” to our service members, first-responders, and teachers. They have put on several events in the Orlando area, and are looking to expand that soon.

5.) Who would play him in the Hollywood movie about his life.

6.) Why the New York Mets stand a pretty good chance of making the post season this year.

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Thanks to Coach David Rubin for sitting down with us this week!

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