Ep.#22–The Shawn-Shank Redemption: Recovery from Opiate Addiction

You may heard stories from friends or on the news about the rampant opiate addiction crisis facing our country today.

Almost everyone knows someone who has been personally affected.

I both battled active addiction and continue to fight against the pitfalls which can again lead into that lifestyle.

Opiate addiction is an insidious condition that can ensnare anyone.

Opiates include prescription pills too.

This episode is a small look inside the story which saw me descend from a bright, scholarship-earning academic to an imprisoned thief and opiate (heroin) addict.

My hope is to demystify the disease and provide as much understanding for whom this affliction is mystery as well as give strength to anyone who needs a story of redemption.

For all who fight, and all who stand in their corner…