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Welcome to the Healthy Movement!! 

This creep obviously hasn't gotten the message: We're The Healthy Movement...punk!

…The Healthy Movement, of course!

The brainchild and passion project of life-long fitness professional Shawn Staerker, The Healthy Movement is a practical look at the science of fitness and wellness. We aim to translate complex exercise programming and nutritional information into the common man’s language.

Think of us as “Fitness Revolutionaries,” liberating health news for all!

Our Team: 


Shawn Staerker,  CES


It is said that “in order to lead, one must first live.”

Shawn has trained with a number of great masters.

While not a Jedi yet, the Force is strong in this one.

No one embodies this statement more than the Healthy Movement HMFIC, Shawn Staerker. A career fitness professional with a penchant for vice and a taste for trouble, Shawn blends a life-time of unique experiences into his one-of-a-kind training style.

From developing Spartan fitness routines for the soldiers in cell block G8 to crafting corrective exercise plans for elite athletes, Shawn has worked with a wide spectrum of interesting folks and conditions! Couple this practical experience with his formal training in exercise science, and you have one bad-ass fitness professional!

Want to work with Shawn? He takes a select amount of clients both in-person at his Central Florida studio, and world-wide through his virtual coaching programs.

Follow him on Twitter @TheHealthyMvmnt

Kelsey Miksa, CPT is a contributing member to the Healthy Movement

Captain Kelsey, keepin’ an eye on things.

Kelsey Miksa, CPT

“A momma on a mission.”

Founder of “Chicks n’ Kicks Fitness,” a dedicated exercise program for new mothers, Kelsey Miksa is our dutiful Major Matriarch. She is usually behind the scenes with the New Recruit, but occasionally drops in and lends her voice on Working-women’s issues. (Cause we’re not JUST for men)!

Follow her on Twitter: @MissFit_Momma

Rob Durrance

“The Tech Department” 

Not sure what that new fitness app does? Can’t figure out how to sync your wearable with your tablet?

Rob Durrance beams himself into The Healthy Movement

Oh…that’s TECH-ie…not TREK-ie?!?

Tech expert Rob Durrance of YobCo, Inc. is our own personal Healthy Movement Help Desk. From creating fitness applications to educating us on the high tech world in his recurring role on the Healthy Movement Podcast, Rob is the real brains behind the technology around here!

Need tech advice? Tweet him: @YobCoInc