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Shawn Staerker, CES


It is said that “in order to lead, one must first live.”

Shawn has trained with a number of great masters.

While not a Jedi yet, the Force is strong in this one.

No one embodies this statement more than the creator of Sit2Fit™. A career fitness professional with over a decade of helping clients reach their goals, Shawn blends a life-time of unique experiences into his one-of-a-kind training style.

From developing group fitness routines for High School and Collegiate teams, to crafting exercise plans for elite athletes, or just working with your average “Joe” to gain mobility and strength, Shawn has experience with a wide spectrum of interesting personalities and conditions. Couple this practical experience with his formal training in exercise science, and you have one unique fitness professional!

If you would like to book Shawn for your next group function/meeting, please contact us here.

Topics can include:

  •  Equestrian Strength and Conditioning (for more, visit my Sit2Bit™ page)
  •  Mobility/Stability for Sports Teams
  •  Concerns for Aging Adults
  •  Corporate Wellness

Want to work with Shawn? He takes a select amount of clients both in-person at his Central Florida studio, and world-wide through his virtual coaching programs.

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