Sit2Bit™–The Most COMPLETE Equestrian Workout Plan Available


Horseback riding (no matter the discipline or the level) is just like every other sport in that it requires learning a specific set of skills in order to play, or in this case, ride.

However, unlike athletes in most other sports who train themselves with regimented workouts designed specifically for that particular game, equestrians have very little in the way of exercise programs constructed to address the specific needs of horse back riders.

Until now…

The Sit2Bit™ Equestrian Workout Plan is a system designed specifically to tackle the needs of equestrians, no matter the discipline or riding skill.

This comprehensive 60-day program will help with:

Correcting common posture issues (head forward, hip/leg mis-alignment, leaning, etc.).

Establishing better control and confidence in the saddle.

Gaining additional pre-ride flexibility with unique, simple warm-up drills. 

PLUS—I’ve added a meal plan in there that’s perfect for busy equestrian athletes who need to fuel up and stay lean on the go! 

Don’t just take my word for it, listen to this fantastic testimonial from Alicia on what the Sit2Bit™ Equestrian Athlete Program can do for you…

* (full disclosure: Alicia has worked with me in-person for the last year as we have refined and selected the best exercises which are now found in the Sit2Bit™ Equestrian Athlete Conditioning Program).


What others are saying about the Sit2Bit™ Equestrian Workout Plan:

“As a USEF “R’ judge, I see many exhibitors who need core stamina and strength work. The Sit2Bit program is ideal for riders who want to improve thier athletic abilities, thus becoming a better equestrian.”  — Wendy Trocano, USEF “R” Judge


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