VIDEO: EquestriFitTV–Improve Your Leg Aides

Lean a few exercises to improve your leg aides.

(video below)

I did this video in response to a question posed to one of the Facebook groups that I’m in (Friendly Horse Questions) .

The rider felt that her lower legs were not strong enough to offer effective leg cues to the stubborn (old) mare that she was riding, and was looking for some ways to build  a little muscle on her calves.

When looking for exercises to improve your leg aides through strengthening the lower leg, not all moves are created equal. It’s important to consider the both the anatomy and function of the calves in order to promote the most change (in this case, growth). Good lower leg routines for equestrians will focus not only on strengthening the two most important muscles of the calves, but will also include flexibility to further re-enforce the “heels-down-toes-up” position.



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