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easy equestrian athlete warm up

VIDEO: Easy Equestrian Athlete Warm Up

(video below)  Designed specifically for riders who are looking to add more flexibility and mobility in the saddle, these SIMPLE ...
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Moderate Equestrian Athlete Warm Up Routine

VIDEO: Moderate Equestrian Athlete Warm Up Routine

(video below) Designed specifically for riders who have MODERATE flexibility and are looking to add additional range of motion and mobility ...
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a great breathing exercise for better posture.

VIDEO: Simple Breathing Exercise for Better Posture

(video below)  Did you know that simply breathing correctly can have a HUGE impact on your posture? In this video, ...
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VIDEO: Common Equestrian Posture Issue

(video below) If you are looking for ways to IMPROVE your confidence and control when riding, then correcting one COMMON ...
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relieve neck pain with this easy stretch

VIDEO: Easy Stretch for Neck Pain RELIEF

(video below) In this video, you will learn a simple, but super effective stretch for the Levator Scapulae. Attatching on both the ...
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VIDEO: Simple Home Test for Anterior Pelvic Tilt

(video below) In this video, you will learn an easy way to check your hips for an anterior (or posterior) ...
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VIDEO: What is Anterior Pelvic Tilt, and How Can it Be Fixed?

(video below) In this video, you will learn: What does an anterior pelvic tilt look like? Which muscle groups are ...
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VIDEO: Quick High Intensity Conditioning Workout

Pressed for time? Try this quick, total body SHREDDING workout. ru0HshjBjOk ...
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VIDEO: Quick Abs Shredding Workout

Need some abs, but don't have a lot of time? We've got ya' covered... iugLrkedvFk ...
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