Time to Count?

There has become an extreme divide among our fitness community in recent years, with vehement disagreements and vitriolic rhetoric frequently the norm when discussing anything regarding exercise programming, specifically “period of work during exercise.” Moreover, the two main parties to the disagreement are so deeply entrenched in their beliefs that there is about as much chance of the Sahara suddenly sprouting green jungles as these two hammering out a compromise.  In the spirit of Election Season, let’s break down the two major factions in this squabble, as well as introduce a third, perhaps more moderate voice to the debate.

Clock Watchers

Like Dahl’s time-obsessed bunny, fanatics on this side walk around the gym Flava-Flav style, with timepieces always at the ready and constantly monitored for secondly updates concerning their progress. These folks believe that time dictates all when it comes to their workouts—when the bell dings, they’re finished… or started…I can never tell what bell goes with what.

Life on this side sounds remarkably like perpetually being in high school, which for the Grand Old Clock faithful was probably the best time of their lives. Cheers boys and girls to the almighty minute!

 Counter Culture

Toiling away equally as maniacally on the other side are the good registered followers of Count Workout—the semi-fictional iron-fisted ruler of workouts. Sticking to the manifesto of “how much,” members of this party can easily be spotted with clipboards and pens in hand marking down every detail about reps, sets, weights, ambient temperature and thread count of the floor covering.  Their belief is firmly rooted in the concept of a tightly regulated session, heavy on paperwork and nuance.

This side will gladly share their workouts and equipment with you, so long as you adhere to their brand of exercise. One quip against the almighty “Process” and you will quickly find yourself ostracized, forever  labeled as an intolerant Neanderthal.

 Oh, What a Feeling

Remember that third group of folks I mentioned earlier in the article? (If not…scroll up…and hop on some Ginko…great memory enhancement results in some)! Well, like Coke and Pepsi, people will always grow tired of the same watered-down two choices. It’s this, more moderate and advanced crew that liberated the soda market who choose “feeling” as their fearless leader in the gym. Preferring to see each workout as an individual, with unique requirements and needs, members of this group are focused on feeling each rep, set and session, and modify their efforts accordingly. For them, the overall plan is more of a guideline than it is a fundamental document to which one must adhere religiously.

While it may require a little more research into the methods of this faction before fully committing, the rewards are usually great for the “average joe,” who may find himself confused or disenfranchised from the leading two schools of thought.

Labeled for Individual Use

Gym workouts and programming are something that people take very seriously and will defend to the last. Of course, what works for one person may not be the most prudent for another, which is exactly why so many theories may co-exist and why it is so important to allow someone the freedom of choice about which routine best fits them.

The most important thing is that people exercise that right to exercise and get moving, no matter their beliefs!!

Stay swole!