Shawn’s Bio

A career fitness professional from Fort Myers, FL—Shawn is an avid believer in the thought that “fitness can change lives.”

Through his Sit2Fit™ brand of online training products, as well as his brick-and-mortar gym, Weekday Warriors Fitness, Shawn has helped 1000’s of clients to achieve not only a better and more functional physique, but to empower them to find their inner “Weekday Warrior” through his inspirational story of change.

Shawn’s story is one of great opportunity, followed by addiction, revocation of university scholarship, prison, and loss. Those experiences, both positive and negative, fuel his never-ending desire to lift up others who seek and desire change.

Perhaps nothing sums up Shawn’s belief in the power of helping others through exercise than the motto of his personal training studio, Weekday Warriors Fitness—

“Strong communities from strong individuals.”

He currently combines his want to help others with a passion for podcasting via his show “The Healthy Movement Podcast,” which aims to provide “wellness for the workingman (and woman).”

When he is not coaching clients online or in-person, Shawn enjoys hiking and boating in the beautiful Florida wilderness.  He can also be found most nights deep down in the “aviation YouTube” rabbit hole, dreaming about realizing his boyhood desire of becoming a private pilot.