Episode 19 Show Notes–Alex Chamberlain, 7 (Mandatory) Leg Exercises

Paragon Pro Wrestling Champion Alex Chamberlain

Hey y’all!!! I know–it’s been faaaaaar too long since we’ve convened in the House of the Healthy. No worries, though, we’re  back this week with another explosive episode featuring Paragon Pro Wrestling Champion Alex Chamberlain. Listen as he talks squats, preparing for WWE tryouts and eating scorchingly hot peppers.

Conversation w/Alex Chamberlain



7 (Mandatory) Leg Exercises w/Routine

1.) Squats

2.) Romanian Deadlift

3.) Leg Extension

4.) Calves Raises

5.) Laying Leg Curls

6.) Leg Raises

7.) Lunges/Split Squat

Puke-Inducing Leg Circuit!! 

Puke inducing leg circuit.
















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