An Open Letter to The TNA Staff…

To the Impact Roster, Front Office and Staff,


From the fans…


We are coming Sunday, and we are coming deep.

We will be there to pack the seats and the ringside standing room.

We are showing up with every ounce of energy we can bring, and will fill Sound Stage 20 with a foundation-shaking noise that the building cannot contain.

You have connected with us—have touched each one of us deeply and have somehow enriched our lives.

Every month, you battle rumors, speculation and negativity, yet you show up and put on a product unmatched anywhere in the world.

Each one of you, from the ring crew to the locker room are true champions.

At Bound for Glory, with the spirit of the American Dream alive and well, and looking on us, we– the TNA fans will welcome you home to the iMPACT Zone with a warrior’s reception, because you have earned it.

May you not only be Bound for Glory, but find it as well.