The Changing Face Of Food Shopping

As with so many other facets of life these days, the way we shop for our food is changing.  We have grown wiser as a population, and, as a result, demand that retailers stock higher quality products. Also, as we shift away from the mass-produced poisons pushed by “big pharma,” natural remedies are once again […]

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Canoed Sunbathing

Spring time can mean many things here in Central Florida, not the least of which is the return of a pretty solid bass bite–a pretty relevant fact, since I apparently I have no gift for catching Crappie and other winter-time freshwater species. So after a long and mild winter, I decided to break out the […]

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Steve is an ardent practitioner of ecotherapy himself!

Ecotherapy?!? Get Out…side!

Do you remember mom unceremoniously turning off the TV on a perfectly good Saturday morning cartoon lineup, ordering you outside like a dog that messed on the living room rug? Well, it turns out that momma knows best (as if we had any doubt), since several recent studies have been published about the numerous health […]

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