Equestrian Athlete Workshop: Ride SAFER, FASTER, BETTER!


This Equestrian Athlete workshop is perfect for riders of all levels who want to:


–Gain confidence…
–Have better equitation…
–Fly higher…
–Ride faster…

Using several methods, including Tai-Chi, Yoga, strength training, corrective exercise, the athlete will learn:

  • Effective pre-ride warm ups that will help prepare both body AND mind.
  • Exercises which can help create suppleness and flexibility in commonly over-used muscles.
  • How to increase muscle-fiber recruitment in the core and other areas critical for efficient equitation.


👉 PLUS–All attendees receive receive a complementary movement assessment and body composition analysis.

Come join us for a fun, interactive 90 min. that is guaranteed to help improve your riding!

Equestrian Athlete Strength & Conditioning Workshop                                                 $40.00

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