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3 Ways to Improve Flexibility and Move Less Painfully

Let's be honest here--most of us are lacking in this area and can use any tips we can get on ...
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3 Tips for Bigger Calves

If you're the kind of guy who wears clam-diggers and pants all year round 'cause you've got little chicken legs--you ...
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Time to Count?

There has become an extreme divide among our fitness community in recent years, with vehement disagreements and vitriolic rhetoric frequently ...
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Rest Periods?!? Gimme’ a Break!

“Arrest.”  “A rest.” When it comes to their strength training programs, some folks hold both of these terms in the ...
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[The] Strength Shop…pin’

Imagine if you had the opportunity to cross your childhood passion with your current profession—and you will hopefully have an ...
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Assess This! (Thoughts on Fitness Assessments)

An initial fitness assessment is among the most important aspects of a client’s wellness program, since it forms the very ...
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Stretching, the Truth: Don’t Lack Flexibility

For a generation that grew up with The Fantastic Four, flexibility seems as though it would be of prime import ...
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